We are dedicated to superior performance.


Mac 8 Performance was established in 2011 and has a pioneering approach which is achieving formidable results.

Top level competition requires top level treatment and coaching and that is what we provide.

‘Athletes who treat athletes’ so we understand your perspective.

Personalised service of 1 to 1 diagnosis, rehabilitation and recovery.

Each individual gets a comprehensive training strategy tailored to your needs that will enhance their recovery or their speed performance.  

By using the most current knowledge, techniques, equipment and science to access performance, velocity, strength, power, biomechanics and wellbeing as part of a better quality training plan, we achieve great results.

Mac 8 Performance works with a varied and wide range of sports including: Athletics, Running , GAA Football & Hurling, Cyclists , Soccer & Rugby. Mac 8 treats all levels of sport people from those starting on their fitness journey to those at the top of their game and provides sport specific speed and power training to elite athletes and aspiring young athletes.